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· 2 min read

The longer you work as a software developer, the most likely you are to need to learn a new language or development stack. As I've done this many times, I've discovered a few tricks that help get me productive quicker. So, what are those things?

· 3 min read

If you could change just one thing in your life by forming a new habit, what would it be?

In July 2018 I left my full-time job after working at that company for nearly seven years.  The company had gone through an acquisition and the culture and focus of the business had taken a turn away from my passion.  Over the preceding months I had become pretty unmotivated and wasn't being very physically active.

Life events like changing jobs give us pause to reflect on things and realized that I hadn't been doing things that were important to me, like regular exercise, catching up with friends, and eating healthily.  Given that I was about to start a new routine, I decided that would try to exercise every day.

· 3 min read

I've recently been talking to people about my new “FinTech” venture and I’ve discovered that this term isn’t very well known outside the startup community. In the last few years there have been a number of new terms popping up all over the place. BioTech, FinTech, MedTech, etc…

So, What is FinTech*?*

· 2 min read

Friday 27th July is my last day at Tatts/Tabcorp and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has made my last few years at Tatts a memorable time.  I've had the privilege of working in almost every area of technology, either directly or indirectly, through the improvement team.  I've also been lucky enough to get to meet a lot of people from different areas of the business through leadership programs and fund-raisers!

· 6 min read

For people who work in a technical profession it's vital to continually learn and grow our skills to keep up with the pace of change.  However, one area that's too often neglected by technical staff is that of leadership.  For the past few months I have been participating in a new Technical Leadership Accelerator program which focuses specifically on leadership skills for technical professionals.  The course just finished a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to write a bit of a review.

· 4 min read

Last week Cale and myself both took a week of leave from our full-time jobs in a large company and we worked on our startup (FairDealFX) at Fishburners, a co-working space in the Brisbane CBD.

Neither of us are strangers to the startup community, both having been involved in other startups and startup weekends in the past. However, this was the first time I'd spent time in a co-working space as a "resident".

Within the first few hours I was starting to understand why so many small, constrained, startups are able to take on the big guys at their own game. I hope this article will help you learn about some of the great things about co-working spaces and some thoughts on how you might integrate them into your traditional workplace.

· One min read

Convention Tests, AKA: Protecting "future me"

I needed a way to ensure that I didn't stupidly include internal data types in WebAPI methods

· One min read

Every business these days is working in a fast moving, disrupted, technology-driven world. In order to survive we need to be constantly thinking outside the box, and potentially contrary to the ways we've been working for years.

· 3 min read

For the last 10+ years I've primarily been a C# / .NET developer. This ecosystem is great, there are thousands of great packages available. The one thing that's been irritating me of late is the challenge of running .NET in containers such as Docker.

As luck would have it, I recently got an opportunity to work on a new side project FairDealFx which I (perhaps stupidly) decided to do using the MEAN stack (MongoDb, ExpressJs, Angular and Node). I've done some javascript and typescript as part of web projects in the past, but not an entire application stack.

This undertaking began as an offer to help a friend out with a project he had been working on in his spare time. His prototype was working well but I didn't think it would scale too well, so I offered to help refactor it a bit. This is when I got entirely carried away and picked a whole new tech stack.