Less than 5% of Australia’s top 20 ASX listed companies have a board with any IT qualified members. 

I work as an advisor to assist boards with making informed decisions across a diverse range of IT and technology domains.


The “digital literacy” of senior leaders and executives will become critical for the success of companies in this digital age and time of digital disruption. 

Rapid technological change is forcing non-IT executives to work more closely with their IT counterparts and technology solution vendors.

I work with executives to help them increase their understanding of technology solutions and to make better decisions through coaching and consultation.


The key to successfully leveraging technology as a business enabler is to have a well aligned strategy that focuses on business outcomes rather than IT buzzwords.

There is a disparity between what boards consider to be successful technology outcomes and what is often delivered.

I provide advisory services to increase the alignment between business and IT strategic objectives.

Guiding you through technical leadership

From technical leadership to board advisory and innovation program planning and execution


I am an innovative leader and change agent with broad experience in IT solution design, software development, and technology transformation. I have experience working in a number of industries including the heavily regulated gambling industry, commodity export, manufacturing, geospatial, unmanned aircraft, and finance.

Using my deep technical knowledge, and my ability to communicate to senior and executive leaders, I deliver change and transformation initiatives to technology teams.  I use my strengths at learning, acquiring and adapting new ideas and relationship building, to solve current technical and business challenges.

I don’t allow myself to be limited by my background or job title and strive to bridge the gap between business and technology teams to build cross-organisational relationships which improve culture and business outcomes.

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For more information or discuss potential advisory and coaching engagements, please connect with me on LinkedIn.