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Securing Content in Azure Static Web Apps

· 6 min read
Shaw Innes
Builder of things

Recently, I’ve been working on a few internal projects that required creating and hosting documentation for our team.

However, one challenge consistently got in the way of me being able to quickly share the information: finding an uncomplicated yet secure way to host this valuable content.

Using a static content generator like mkdocs was my preferred approach, but I really wanted to avoid having to run it in a docker container or behind a web server in order to add authentication to the mix.

As it turns out, Azure Static Web Apps paired with MkDocs and Azure AD is a relatively simple solution to this problem. The documentation alludes to the fact you can do all of this, but it took a few hours of stuffing around to get it "just right". Hopefully this can save you the hassle.

Azure AD B2C and MSAL

· 3 min read
Shaw Innes
Builder of things

I recently tried to create a simple demonstration of using Azure B2C in a React App using the MSAL-browser and MSAL-react libraries following the official documentation. I found it very confusing to understand which endpoints I should be using to use B2C authentication rather than AAD, and to subsequently obtain an access token.

If you don't care about my struggles and just want to copy and paste a solution: Give me the code!