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SerenityOne Dance Scoring Software

ยท 2 min read

A few months ago I noticed that there was a need for a better way to score and coordinate the scoring of salsa competitions. I wrote SerenityOne Dance to solve this problem. I've now used SerenityOne at 3 national competitions and 1 state level competition with great feedback from both competitors and judges.

The SerenityOne Dance system is a system for the management and scoring of Dance Competitions. Initially developed to streamline the score calculation for Salsa competitions but has since grown to handle competitor regirstration, scoring, results publication and much more...

The system runs on Microsoft Windows and can be used on a single system, or scaled up to work in a multi-user environment to allow scores to be entered by several operators concurrently.

The use of barcode scanning technology streamlines the entry of scores, which is historically the area of competition scoring that is both time-consuming and error prone.

So far the system has been used at the following events:

  • 2010 Australian Salsa Open - calculations only, scoresheets were handled separately.
  • 2010 Australian Salsa Solo Competition
  • 2010 Australian Salsa Classic NSW State Titles
  • 2010 Australian Salsa Classic

I've put together a website for the product: - Below is a quick demo I put together to show to one event organiser.

A YouTube video of the system in operation...