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Netduinos and Micro Framework

ยท 2 min read

I have a couple of ideas for projects that could be done on the Netduino. I initially heard about these devices through Scott Hansleman's podcast a few months ago. More recently I came up with a few ideas that could leverage the small form factor, with the wireless Xbee networking options. Having now actually SEEN a Netduino device, I realise they are HEAPS smaller than I imagined. The possibilities are endless, and I've started formulating a plan of action to develop these things into something useful. Some ideas I have for open source libraries in .NET:

  • Generic GPS library that will handle the various low-level interfaces to the various GPS chips
  • Generic GPRS / SMS library for comms
  • OData provider / consumer for Micro Framework
  • XBee libraries
  • Hardware driver modules for any shields

The first thing I have noticed is that the Netduino does not have the ICSP pins wired in. It turns out that the XBee Shield requires these for power, so if you want to use these devices with the Netduino, you're going to have to solder the 6 pin header onto the Netduino board.

The hardware devices I have looked at so far are:

I think that with these shields I can prototype a huge range of location-aware ideas.