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Farewell from Tatts

· 2 min read

Friday 27th July is my last day at Tatts/Tabcorp and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has made my last few years at Tatts a memorable time.  I've had the privilege of working in almost every area of technology, either directly or indirectly, through the improvement team.  I've also been lucky enough to get to meet a lot of people from different areas of the business through leadership programs and fund-raisers!

I'm grateful for the opportunities given to me during this time by the great leaders and mentors I've worked with and I would be remiss not to thank Sharon Robson and Mandy Ross specifically.  They have both given me so much guidance and support in my journey over the last four years and helped me turn my passion into a valuable set of skills.  Together as a tech team we've delivered some cool stuff: CI/CD of ALL of our software, infrastructure as code (IAC), starting our DevOps culture, TattsHack... and so much more!

So where to next?  

I was looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of integration with Tabcorp, but as many of you would know I've been working on a side-project ( with another former Tatts colleague, Cale Bennett.  Things are going pretty well there, and it's time to put all of our energy into this project and see what we can make of it.  It promises to be an exciting (and slightly scary) journey.

I would love to keep in touch with anyone who I haven't already connected with via LinkedIn.  Please reach out if there's ever anything I can help with.