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November 02, 2020

I am an innovative leader and change agent with broad experience in IT solution design, software development, and technology transformation. I have experience working in a number of industries including the heavily regulated gambling industry, commodity export, manufacturing, geospatial, unmanned aircraft, and finance.

Using my deep technical knowledge, and my ability to communicate to senior and executive leaders, I deliver change and transformation initiatives to technology teams. I use my strengths at learning, acquiring and adapting new ideas and relationship building, to solve current technical and business challenges.

I don’t allow myself to be limited by my background or job title and strive to bridge the gap between business and technology teams to build cross-organisational relationships which improve culture and business outcomes.

Recent Achievements

  • Introduction of DevOps at Tatts Group
  • Introduction of Infrastructure Automation initiatives at Tatts Group
  • Transformation of legacy technology practices to make use of continuous delivery
  • Selection for the 2015 Tatts Group Future Leaders Program
  • Innovation and Startups

I am also actively involved in the Tech and Startup communities in Brisbane, attending and presenting at various community events. I have been involved in a number of startups over the years and continue to work on a variety of projects as a way to keep myself in touch with evolving trends.

  • FairDealFX
  • SerenityOne
  • Locatio (Property Buddy)
  • inBeta
  • Andromeda Aerospace

Professional Experience


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Tatts Group - DevOps Strategist

I work with a range of team members, from developers and testers through to senior management, to develop and implement Tatts Group’s strategy for building a strong DevOps culture. This role allows me to use my industry knowledge, skills and versatility to act as an advocate for change within the company by working with delivery and operational teams.

I influence organisational change by engaging with technology and business leadership to deliver information and strategies on the benefits and implementation of DevOps as a driver for improved IT performance. We work together to identify meaningful metrics to help us track progress, identify areas for future focus.

Leveraging my technical skills I help to develop tools and patterns for the automation of routine tasks and work with teams to identify areas for improvement. This often requires giving assistance by “bootstrapping” the work by way of examples and templates.

Acting as an internal consultant I continuously research industry trends and share these with the wider team at Tatts. I work with other members of my team to develop and deliver a range of resources such as face-to-face training materials, workshops, videos and quick-start guides to assist our client teams to quickly get up to speed.