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Arduino MicroSD Shield + Netduino Support

November 11, 2010

Currently (November 2010) the Netduino only supports access to this shield through the use of the Alpha version of the firmware. This will hopefully be updated soon…

There is a Slave Select - which is hard-coded to D10 on the Alpha firmware, and in the case of the MicroSD shield it is wired to use D08. A quick workaround for this is to just jumper D8 to D10 and make sure you don’t use either of these pins for other purposes in the time being.

The Shield uses the Arduino / Netduino “standard” SPI pins for data, which are:

  • D11 - MOSI (master output / slave input)
  • D12 - MISO (master input / slave output)
  • D13 - SPCK (serial clock)

The following code should then mount the SD card successfully:

try {
  StorageDevice.MountSD("SD1", SPI_Devices.SPI1, Pins.GPIO_PIN_D8);
  mounted = true;
} catch (Exception Ex) {
  // Just trying out the exception handling